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September 19, 2007

All hot Air, but who’s to Tel?

Filed under: GPRS,MacBook,Nokia,QoS,Sony Ericsson,Toshiba — Vickram Crishna @ 6:04 pm

This item is about the travails of connected travel, ie, the real world difficulties of getting broadband on mobile phones. It is specific to Airtel in India, but to a large extent, similar problems are reported from other GSM users, and regrettably (because it leaves no other choice open) CDMA users as well. The difficulties reported appear superficially to be technical, but it doesn’t need much of a hard look to see they are as much organisational.

The emails below speak for themselves, but to save busy people the trouble of reading them, here’s a brief introduction.

The sender is a friend, an Airtel customer like myself, who has opted for the GPRS service so that he can browse freely while traveling. The service has always been unreliable, but for the last two months completely absent. He has complained frequently, he tells me, and has been assured that he had issues with his laptop (Toshiba) or with his smartphone (Nokia). Lately, he began to suspect that someone was being a little economical with the truth.

I had also toyed with the idea of accessing the Airtel GPRS service from my MacBook, when someone gave me an old Sony Ericsson smartphone, which had Bluetooth, which therefore makes for quite a handy combination.

In theory.



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