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September 24, 2007

Adobe Walls, as blank as bricks?

Filed under: Adobe,corporate Responsibility,Ingram Micro,Wipro — Vickram Crishna @ 5:47 pm

I have a view on the purpose and effectiveness of branding: I believe it can add value.

However, it can only do that if the corporate environment is conducive, and quite often, it just ain’t so.

Something that caused a stir in India recently was the subject of Open Document publishing, the use of globally accepted standards for published documents. One software major has been keen to establish its imprimatur in this area, but was rebuffed by voting countries, who are said to prefer a competing standard in Open Source.

The whole controversy made me think that perhaps there is something to be said about ‘market’ forces, when they do not fall into convenient slots. The very visibility of global majors should make their customers and other stakeholders benefit from the exercise of supporting their proprietary file formats and related tech information, yet this is not axiomatic. Here’s an example.



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